Charmed and Ruined by Love and Cyberworld Nightmare

trapped by the world made by the dream and madness
brain is fulfilled by fear of death

everyday is endless slaughter
weak friends were sacrificed
seeking to escape from this hell
sword stains by blood and tears

ugliness of humanity
the strong cow the weak
the weak kneel to the strong
how could i use my strength
not only for the kill
meanwhile you gave me heart

love, that made me see the light
gave me the power to survive this war
everyday was endless nightmare
every night i cried in vain
but now i'm out of abyss
you made me invincible

cry of the million calls me
to culminate and kill the evil
cleaving to the top with 2 swords
and you with brave and grace
we'll never lose and fall
we can end this nightmare

trapped by the thought to kill this root of evil
brain is fulfilled by flame of anger

mastermind of endless slaughter
swinging sword with relaxed smile
the shadow of death covers me
meanwhile you took a stroke for me

the evil is dead
but you are also gone
at the end of nightmare
another nightmare begins
you are not with me anymore
you are not with me anymore

love, that made me see the light
gave me the power to survive this war
but now everything is nightmare
crying in vain is the only thing i can

memory of the million smiles you gave me
make me spill blood and tears from heart
2 swords have no value anymore
i lost sight of brave and grace
just watching this world cave in
just waiting for my nightmare's demise